Why Start This Store?

Why Start This Store?

I want to begin by clarifying that this is not your typical blog post. It's my way of ensuring that you see a real person behind the screen. Yes, business is about making money, but if it's solely about that, it becomes a rather mundane pursuit. While there's nothing wrong with making a profit, the real essence lies in how that profit can contribute to enhancing people's lives.

During the process of curating products for this store, I had a few shifts in focus. I went from everyday household items to gaming accessories and finally to heating equipment. It might seem like a wide-ranging transition, but there's a common thread that ties them all together. In my unremarkable day-to-day life, certain purchases have brought moments of comfort and joy. This is precisely what I want to share with everyone who visits my store.

Some might think that the consumer-seller relationship starts and ends with the transaction. However, I have a different perspective. I want people to tell me about their experiences after making a purchase. Did it make their lives better? Were they satisfied, or do they see room for improvement? You see, if consumption only involves buying things one doesn't truly need, it can be a source of misery. There's enough suffering in the world as it is, and we don't need to add to it.

In the Chinese language, "开心" and "快乐" have different connotations. "快" signifies speed, while "乐" represents delight. When combined, it implies that delight can swiftly fade away. Hence, my desire is for every customer who visits the store to experience "开" their hearts. I hope that through the exchange of certain products, we can open our hearts to accept the goodwill of others.

This blog post is not just for customers; it's for me too. So, why did I start this store? On a grand scale, I hope everyone can enjoy high-quality, affordable items. On a smaller scale, I aim to support myself. I hope this clarifies things, and I appreciate your understanding.